Should You Board Your Pet During The Holidays?

Should You Board Your Pet During The Holidays?

Should You Board Your Pet During The Holidays?


With the holiday season quickly approaching, many pet owners face a dilemma - should they bring their furry friends with them on vacation or board them at a facility? While it may be tempting to bring your beloved pet along, there are many factors to consider when making this decision. In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of boarding your pet during the holidays and provide guidance on how to make the best decision for you and your furry friend.


1. Comfort and Safety

One of the primary advantages of boarding your pet during the holidays is their comfort and safety. Boarding facilities have experienced staff who are aware of the different needs and temperaments of animals. With different play areas, activities, and routines, your pet is likely to feel more at ease and relaxed in a boarding facility than in an unfamiliar setting. Alongside this, boarding experts are typically vigilant about the current health status of your pet, ensuring they remain protected from the potentially harmful hazards of foreign surroundings.

2. Less Stressful for You

Holidays are often a busy time of the year filled with too many family activities, cooking, and buying gifts, making it hard to keep up with your pet's needs. Boarding them in a facility can alleviate some stress on you whilst simultaneously giving your animal the care and attention it requires. No need to take on additional responsibilities regarding your furry friend when you can rely on compassionate, knowledgeable staff to provide for your pet's needs.

3. Consistent Routine

Pets just like humans follow a daily routine, and disruptions to that routine can cause anxiety and stress. Boarding facilities provide an environment that emphasizes routines and schedules that animals naturally tend to thrive in. The consistent routine helps pets adjust to their new surroundings and feel secure in their daily activities.

4. Potential Socialization with Other Animals

If your pet loves company and socializing, boarding them with other animals can provide an outlet for their socialization needs, and help them form new relationships whilst maintaining their pet wellbeing. While it is essential that the boarding facility has staff who are well-versed in monitoring interactions between animals, the introduction of a new environment with other animals can provide a positive experience for your pet.

5. It Comes with Cost

Last but not least, it is important to consider the cost of boarding, which can be quite high depending on the facility, the duration of your pet's stay, and the level of care required. A significant part of pet boarding fees covers important expenses such as food, medicines, and specialized activities. However, it's important to ensure that these facilities come with an adequate level of pet facilities to resemble home comforts that pets are used to.



In conclusion, the decision to board your pet during the holidays comes down to practicality, cost, and peace of mind. While it is lovely to have your pet close to you during the holidays, it might not always be the most convenient or safe option. By boarding your pup, you'll free up your schedule, minimize anxiety for your pet, and ensure they receive top-level, around-the-clock care. Therefore, when choosing a boarding facility, consider the pet boarding fees, emergency care services, veterinary assistance, and other significant factors to give your pets the most comfortable and safe experience. At Canine Linguistics, we provide professional dog boarding in Orlando, FL to help you take your furry friends on holiday or other commitments. Contact us today to learn more!

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