Things to Know About First Time Overnight Pet Boarding

Things to Know About First Time Overnight Pet Boarding

Things to Know About First Time Overnight Pet Boarding


As a pet owner, it’s natural to have concerns and anxiety about leaving your beloved pet for the first time in overnight boarding. You worry about how they'll feel without you, if they'll behave correctly and/or if they'll get all the love they deserve. However, it’s essential to cultivate trust and peace of mind with the boarding facility you choose, so your fluffy friend can have a safe and pleasant experience. Here are some essential things to know about first-time overnight pet boarding.


1. Choose the Best Boarding Facility

When looking for a boarding facility for your furry friend, it’s crucial to choose a pet care center that prioritizes their health and security. Research multiple facilities, read reviews and see if they offer services that match your wants and needs for your pet. Also, check online for consumer reports or referrals from other pet owners from your community.

2. Plan Ahead of Time

Most boarding facilities require your pet to have updated vaccination records, so check with your vet about your pet's records at least a month in advance. Also, make sure to book your pet in and have all necessary forms filled out at the facilities you choose. Reserving the spot in advance ensures that your pet isn't left behind because the facility is already at full capacity.

3. Introduce Your Pet to the Facility

Most pets usually feel more comfortable when they're in an environment they're already familiar with; therefore, it’s always helpful to bring your fluffball to the boarding facility through an initial introduction phase. This phase may make the pet know that they'll be somewhere safe and will ease the separation anxiety that usually takes place when they're left at an unfamiliar place.

4. Pack Necessities for Your Pet

Just like when you travel, your pet will need their essentials and familiar belongings when boarding. For instance, bring along their favourite toys, food, and treats. Also, make sure you provide clear instructions to the facility regarding any special dietary requirements or any medications your pet needs to take.

5. Prepare for Separation Anxiety

Although it may be tough and challenging, try not to act too emotional when leaving your pet at the boarding facility. Be calm and straightforward with your pet to make them relaxed, and give them a warm goodbye, letting them know when to expect you back. You may also consider giving a blanket or shirt you've worn recently - this item may make them feel more comfortable as they'll have a familiar scent from you around them.



Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can't always have your pet with you. Therefore, finding a reliable and reputable boarding facility for your furry friend is crucial for the pet's comfort, safety, and your own peace of mind while away. If you ever need an overnight dog boarding in Orlando, FL, you can contact Canine Linguistics, and we'll provide the best care that your fluffy companion deserves.  Remember to choose the best facility, plan ahead, introduce your pet to the facility, pack necessities, and prepare for separation anxiety. With our advice, your pet will remain in excellent hands, and you can enjoy your travel worry-free.

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