Why do a board and train for your dog?

Training a dog is a messy, exhausting, and time-consuming business. Many people opt for this option due to their busy lifestyles. When our clients board their dogs with us, we implement a system of rewards and structure that help tune a dog’s mind to understand learning techniques. This helps us achieve the results that are needed, from basic obedience to off-leash reliability. The best part of this avenue of training is that it takes the stress from training your dog out of your daily life and in the end, you will end up with a more reliable and obedient pet.

I’m interested in a board and train program for my dog, how much would this cost?

Prices range depending on a few factors. We often do a $50 consultation in the home of a potential client to get to meet the pet and asses what type of training is needed and to have a good estimate on a time frame for a board and train. Please feel free to contact us and we can send you more information on pricing after getting to know you a bit more !

Is there an age, breed, or size limit to training dogs?

No! There is not! The only limitations to dog training will be the use of certain tools or the limitation of Service Dog training for certain pups! Please do be aware that not all dogs learn at the same pace as others, so the time frame for one dog to learn a certain set of skills compared to other dogs fluctuates. Training will always have to be continued even after a board and train is completed, If this is not maintained then it is not uncommon for your pet to regress back to certain unwanted behaviors.

What methods do you use to train?

We use a system of Reward based balanced training. This means we use an array of tools such as food, treats, prong collars, e-collars, slip leads, long lines, clickers and a variety of other tools depending on what each dog requires. We focus on building a bond with our pups while also allowing for a full tool box of training methods at our disposal.

What is an E-Collar and Why?

An E-collar is a collar that improves communication between owner and pet using a Tens Unit. It is not to be confused with a shock collar that poses a large harm to dogs. We love using the E-collar first and foremost for Off Leash Training and reliability. It makes communication with our pets much easier and less stressful for both pet and pet parent . We can also use this to proof Obedience and In-House manners. We use the ET-300 Mini Educator which has a 1/2 mile radius and is also water resistant. With levels 0-100 there, it is a tool that can be used with a variety of training issues. We believe in teaching Owners how to responsibly use this tool and it will be taught before and after the pet goes home.

How do I keep up with the training after you are finished with my pet?

Once your pet has finished any of our programs, it Is up to the owner to continue training at home. During our Go-Home session we “Train” the owner on all we have done. We do a FREE followup session with each pet to ensure that all the skills they have learned stay up to par. Each family is given many exercises and “homework” to do with their pets after the board and train. All Owners have the trainers numbers at their disposal and can contact any time after the board and train is complete.

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