Meet The Team

Rosmeri Pinango

Rosmeri Pinango

My name is Rosmeri and I am the owner of Canine Linguistics, LLC ! I began my passion for animals at a very young age, my father and I used to rescue and rehabilitate baby squirrels and release them back into the wild. Over the years I have raised many animals including sheep, pigs, chickens, cats, and dogs. I have also been a Veterinary Technician for many years and take pride in my ability to deliver wonderful care to my clients and patients alike. In 2019 I had become diagnosed with hypoglycemia and was in a wild state of confusion and anxiety. During that time I had learned about Service Dogs and their importance as medical aids. I had decided that a Service Dog was the right fit for my needs and was on the search for one! At the time, partially trained Service Dogs were starting at 15k and were going up from there and unfortunately, I did not have the funds. So I researched how to train my own service dog and from there my passion for dog training began. I successfully trained my own Psychiatric Service Dog / Diabetic Alert Dog and then proceeded to help other teams with their life-saving Service Dogs. Soon after, I began helping pet parents with problem-solving pet behaviors and I now help pet parents with any behavioral issues and Service Dog owners with training.

Meet the Pack !

Meet the Pack !

The Canine Linguistics Pack consists of three pups!

Maki (right): The inspiration for Canine Linguistics, Maki is mixed pup who was the first dog trained through Canine Linguistics. She is a task-trained Medical alert and response Service dog who helps her handler daily!

Apollo (middle): Apollo is a spunky and athletic Australian Cattle Dog. He is an Amazing Sports prospect and impresses all those who meet him!

Juno (left): Juno is the most recent addition to the pack and is a Dutch Shepherd. He is a Protection Sports prospect and will be trying his paws in doing Search and Rescue along with his handler!

All of the pups have been E-collar conditioned and trained are regularly used as Demo Dogs for clients! They assist with confidence building and socialization when we have Board and Trains.


Meet our special trainer, Pupusa!

Pupusa is our Adventure cat that we fostered through our local animal services when she was just 3 weeks old. Her fearless and playful personality made Us decide that she would be an amazing addition to our pack! Apart from being an excellent playmate for the dogs, her outgoingness with puppies makes her a perfect candidate to expose trainees to different species and is a great asset during distraction training!

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